A woman, with a Boundary Supply backpack, sitting on some steps while looking at her phone.
A man with a Rennen Recycled Daypack strapped over his shoulder.
Woman sitting on steps putting a laptop into a laptop backpack
A man climbs a set of stairs with his Rennen Daypack X-Pac.
A woman, with a Boundary Supply backpack, sitting on some steps while looking at her phone.
A man with a Rennen Recycled Daypack strapped over his shoulder.

Commuters are always on the move, going from home to school to work and back again. Surprisingly, very few suburbanites put much thought into purchasing a bag—a necessity they’ll use nearly every day. So, we did the hard part; you have the easy part of choosing a bag. Keep reading to see the three best commuter backpacks for any place, any time.


A man wearing a Rennen Recylced Daypack on a bridge.

Most commuters don’t need a bag big enough for a weeklong trip, just a bag that can hold everyday essentials while still being small enough to fit underneath your seat. Before you go all in on a new backpack, consider the following attributes of a good travel bag.

A man pulling out his laptop from his Obsidian Rennen Recycled Daypack by Boundary Supply.


  • Laptop storage. Now more than ever, students and employees travel with their laptops. Commuters should ensure their bag has enough space, padding, and protection to function as a safe and convenient laptop backpack
  • Durability. It’s less financially responsible to purchase a cheap bag, watch it fall apart, and buy another in a few months than to invest in a high-quality backpack durable enough to withstand the wear of time.
  • Functionality. Modularity and compartmentalization make commuting much easier. Stay organized and streamlined with accessories that keep your gear safe and where you need it.
  • Sustainability. Every step of manufacturing has an environmental and human impact. Sustainable materials reduce the environmental cost of fabric production and are a smart alternative to traditional textiles.

Gone are the days when single-pocket backpacks were the best commuting bags available. Here are the three most innovative and best commuter backpacks from Boundary Supply.


The Rennen Recycled Daypack from Boundary Supply
A young woman inserts a small case into her Rennen Recycled Daypack by Boundary Supply.

The Rennen Recycled Daypack has everything a commuter could want in a backpack. The recycled materials are durable, comfortable, and equal to roughly 42 recycled plastic bottles kept out of landfills and oceans. The daypack is the perfect blend of sustainability and functionality. 

The Rennen is available in three colors. It infuses Boundary’s technical build and quality with classic backpack styling.

Notable features include:

  • Padded main sleeve pocket for a laptop up to 16”
  • Internal stash pockets for a laptop charger, mouse, and other small items
  • Interior zippered pockets
  • Water-proof zipper protecting the 22 L main compartment

Commuters can increase the daypack’s storage capacity with these modular accessories:


Like the recycled daypack, the X-Pac follows the classic design of traditional backpacks. The X-Pac is made with sturdy VX21 X-Pac material, YKK Stormguard zippers, and a padded soft twill handle. 

Other features include:

  • MagDoc for quick and secure attachment of compatible accessories 
  • Side pocket for a 22 oz. water bottle
  • 15” Nywool laptop sleeve
  • Front pocket with easy and secure magnetic closure 

The X-Pac is also compatible with several modular accessories.


Woman sitting on steps putting a laptop into a laptop backpack

The Errant Sling is ideal for anyone who prefers a quick grab-and-go bag. It’s a one-strap secure backpack with stormproof fabric and zippers protecting the 15 L of magnetic compression storage. 

Its features include:

  • Active commuter stability strap
  • Stormproof closure with magnetic auto-lock buckle
  • 13” laptop or tablet sleeve
  • Secure bike lock lash loop
  • Nywool quick-access pocket for sunglasses
  • Easy-access commuter pocket

On its own, the Errant Sling functions as an easy-to-use compressional backpack. 

You can add extra organization and storage with the following accessories:


At Boundary Supply, we want to create resilient goods and support initiatives that directly benefit the environment from which we draw our inspiration. We approach every step of the design and production process with the customer and the environment in mind. 

No matter where you need to go, our bags will take you there. Shop the best commuter backpacks today!