We make durable goods for active lifestyles and we stand behind the quality of our bags and accessories with a Limited Three Year Warranty* — our assurance that every Boundary Supply item is free of material and workmanship defects that affect the core functionality of our gear. Material refers to zippers, buckles and fabrics. Workmanship refers to seams, seam tape and overall construction. If your bag or accessory becomes non-functioning or defective, we will replace it with a fully-functioning item in the same or better condition.


Cosmetic damage and normal wear and tear of our products is not covered under our Limited Three Year Warranty*. This refers to damage that naturally occurs during the life and normal use of our products. Common examples of wear and tear that would not be covered under the three year warranty include:


  • rips, tears, and misuse
  • cosmetic blemishes, scratches, stains
  • UV degradation and colors fading
  • general breakdown of the materials over time and use


Warranty Claim Process:


To initiate a warranty claim, you must provide your order number, proof of purchase, photos of the issue(s) and a description of the issue(s) here: Boundary Supply Warranty Program. We will respond back within 2-3 business days with instructions and next steps. Boundary Supply will replace at our discretion.


Depending on the user and their environment, our gear will age and wear at different rates. Please use your judgment when assessing whether your product is likely to be covered under our warranty policy.


Our warranties are crafted with the same regard for detail that is applied to every item we produce, and is our commitment to your continued enjoyment of Boundary Supply products. We will not honor fake or fraudulent warranty claims and reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to reject any warranty claims which we suspect to be fraudulent (including intentional damage to products, duplicate claims, and counterfeit products) or that violate our Terms of Service.


We cannot replace stolen or lost items, so we recommend insuring your bags and accessories.


All warrantied products must be sent to Boundary Supply headquarters for replacement purposes.


Items purchased from unauthorized resellers or aftermarket platforms  or anywhere other than boundarysupply.com are not covered under our warranty. All warranties require proof of purchase from the Boundary Supply website or an authorized dealer.


*Please note that some limitations apply. Cosmetic damage and excessive wear and tear is not covered. Determination of what is excessive wear and tear is subject to the sole discretion of our warranty team. Boundary Supply reserves the right to change this policy in the future.


When we can, we issue warranty replacements from our stock of open-box or gently used items. These warranty replacements are quality-checked and certified to be clean and fully-functioning, and come with the same three year guarantee as your original purchase.


Note that if necessary, the customer is responsible for any/all shipping costs of returned warranty items to and from to Boundary Supply. Boundary Supply does not cover outgoing shipping costs on your replacement item(s).


If you have any questions about the information above, please contact info@boundarysupply.com.