Our eco-friendly backpacks are durable, functional, and highly compartmentalized. They’re ideal for the dynamic everyday life of commuters.

A man in a green shirt wearing the prima system camera backpack and holding a camera
The Rennen Recycled Daypack from Boundary Supply
A man pulling out his laptop from his Obsidian Rennen Recycled Daypack by Boundary Supply.


A man inspects his belongings while he sits next to a granite column with his Boundary Supply backpack.
A young woman inserts a small case into her Rennen Recycled Daypack by Boundary Supply.

Backpacks have many uses, from a vacation daypack to a laptop bag for school or work. So what makes our packs unique?

  • Sustainability. We take each step of our production and distribution process with attention to our corporate footprint to ensure we exceed the most rigorous environmental standards. Our materials are durable, high-quality, and sustainable which helps us benefit the environment from which we draw inspiration.
  • Compartmentalization. Gone are the days when a backpack has nothing more than one or two pockets and a laptop sleeve. Our sustainable bags are modular with customizable attachments and apartments you can use to fit any need or scenario.
  • Durability. Our materials aren’t just sustainable—they’re long-lasting. We use one of the strongest woven nylon fabrics on the market along with other sustainable, abrasion-resistant, waterproof fabrics.
An eco-friendly backpack from Boundary Supply


Sustainable products use and reuse materials throughout their lifetime more effectively. Rather than throw old materials away, environmentally responsible companies focus on reusing materials most productively with an emphasis on using less.

We produce our sustainable backpacks using high-quality recycled materials that reduce consumers’ carbon footprint and last longer than other products. By purchasing eco-friendly products that withstand wear and tear, our customers can give back to the environment that inspires us.

We design all our bags with two things in mind: you and the environment. Below are a few of our favorite eco-friendly backpacks that can improve your daily commute.


The Rennen Recycled Daypack from Boundary Supply
A man pulling out his laptop from his Obsidian Rennen Recycled Daypack by Boundary Supply.

The Rennen Recycled Daypack is an environmentally friendly take on classic backpack styling. We combined our recycled materials with modular upgrades to create a comfortable, functional, and sustainable bag.

An open Rennen Recycled Daypack by Boundary Supply.


  • 60% recycled materials or roughly 42 plastic water bottles
  • Padded shoulder straps and breathable material on the back
  • Padded main sleeve for a laptop or tablet up to 16”
  • Side pocket for a 22 oz water bottle
  • Internal stash pockets for a computer mouse, laptop charger, or other accessories 
  • Interior pocket with a zipper for securing small items
  • Magnetic dock for attaching the HT Key Dock and other modular accessories
  • Exterior zippered pockets with magnetic auto-closing flaps 
A man slides his camera into his Rennen Recycled Daypack.
Angled view of a Rennen Recycled Daypack.
A man with a Rennen Recycled Daypack strapped over his shoulder.

You can also pair the recycled daypack with two of our modular kits:

Photo Kit

Convert your Rennen into a small photo pack with these attachments:

The Recycled Bundle

Add more compartments to your Rennen and save 57 plastic bottles from landfills and oceans by purchasing these accessories:


Prima System backpack by Boundary Supply.
Man looking at camera with open Boundary Supply modular bag in nature

The Prima System is a simple solution for carrying personal tech and photo gear. The system includes the Prima backpack and the Verge camera case.

Prima System in Stone Grey by Boundary Supply.


  • Magnetic auto-locking buckles for greater security
  • Hidden RFID safehouse pocket for passports or wallets
  • LFT foam harnesses and shoulder straps keep you cool and provide all-day comfort
  • YKK StormGuard zippers on the top pockets and access points
  • Padded main sleeve for safely storing a laptop up to 17”
  • Full-length front pocket for accessing the entire compartment
A man organizes his camera gear with the MK-1 Lifestyle camera pack.


  • Stretch-mesh pockets for memory cards
  • Expansion zipper to increase storage 
  • Included Verge Case Camera Divider for a custom fit
Man with a waterproof Prima System Backpack in the rain.
Man in jeans reaching his hand into a Prima System X-Pac
Side view of a Stone-Grey Prima System backpack by Boundary Supply.

The Prima System is compatible with two of our modular kits:

Photo Kit

Turn your Prima into a complete photo pack with these accessories:

The Weekend Travel Kit

Make your Prima the perfect weekend bag with the following attachments:


At Boundary Supply, we want to help you find a sustainable backpack that reduces your carbon footprint and simplifies everyday travel. Our bags make organization simple and efficient without sacrificing sustainability or style.

Browse our collections and find your next favorite eco-friendly backpack today!