What is X-Pac Fabric?

What is X-Pac Fabric? - Boundary Supply


For most people, backpacks are just a typical everyday item. As long as it can carry everything that needs to be taken, they’re good. For others, it’s something more. They need it to showcase their fashion taste and keep up with their lifestyle.

This is why style and design are not the only basis of a “good backpack.” Sure, a backpack might have good styling; it may fit today’s trend, but is it sturdy enough for your everyday needs? Is it built to last? At Boundary, we set out to produce some of the most durable bags using one of the most durable fabrics available - X-Pac.

What is X-Pac?

We can tell you a lot about how amazing this fabric is, but we’d say it all started on the ocean… with sailboats. X-Pac was developed to solve a frequent problem in Sailboat Racing - torn sails. Traditional sails are commonly made with polyester, which weakens after time.

The type of sail used is crucial for success with sailboat racing. The sail itself must be light but strong enough to withstand the harsh and rigorous conditions of the ocean. It also needs to combat constant exposure to wind, water, and the Sun.

X-Pac is a laminate technology created by taking multiple layers of material and bonding them together with heat, pressure, and adhesives. This process was first developed and distributed by the sailcloth-making company, Dimension-Polyant. Seeing the potential for X-Pac to be utilized in other applications, it eventually found its way to outdoor accessories, with bag makers eager to jump on board.

Why Boundary uses X-Pac for their products.

We have been using X-Pack fabrics to construct our bags since 2018. Why did we start using sailing material for our bags? The easy answer is that it combines being lightweight and durable while remaining completely waterproof. We didn’t design our first bags for casual use; we created them with the idea of use for whatever adventure we could find for ourselves that would translate to as many people out there. 

Our X-Pac backpacks consistently remain favorites because of their lightweight durability and resilience. Boundary X-Pac is made up of three essential layers:

  • 210D / Multicam 500D Nylon Cordura® with Barricade™ DWR
  • Kevlar® fiber X-Ply
  • 100% waterproof PET laminate

    Our layer of Kevlar® adds stability and tear strength while maintaining overall thinness so that the fabric doesn’t become bulky or heavy. Its synthetic fibers create an extreme resistance to weathering and wear. This makes it a perfect addition to the X-Pac fabric assembly.


    We at Boundary are always seeking better ways to build and create. We’re here to make backpacks that push the boundary of what we and the industry think is possible. We’re here because we understand that exploring the outdoors is so much more enjoyable when you can entirely rely on your gear.

    For us, choosing X-Pac means choosing an enhanced backpack experience. It means taking the helm for your next destination. It stands the test of time without compromising design or sustainability so that you can head into open waters.

    Boundary has always been a company that looks for new innovations in fabrics, hardware, and ideas. We will continue to explore new and improved ways to construct our products to last a lifetime with our use of components like magnetic buckles and fabrics like X-Pac. Follow our brand as we launch new product enhancements and renditions to our existing line in the coming months.

    Invest not only for the adventure ahead but the journey there. Buy yours today.

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