The world is in a new season of technology, innovation, and industry. Meet the ultimate collection of laptop backpacks by Boundary Supply. These innovative bags are durable, sustainable, stylish, and convenient.

What Makes a Quality Laptop Backpack?

Man in jeans reaching his hand into a Prima System X-Pac

You need easy access to technology to be successful in most careers. We’ve responded to that need with our ultimate laptop backpacks. Old backpacks meant for holding books and papers just won’t cut it anymore!

Our laptop backpacks have a specific pocket to provide the most protection and support for your laptop. You’ll never have to worry about crushing your expensive equipment, and our modular systems guarantee you’ll never run out of space. Function-driven design using superior materials at a competitive price—what more could you ask for?

Woman sitting on steps putting a laptop into a laptop backpack

Boundary Supply has laptop backpacks for a variety of scenarios and occupations. Check out all the available options and our technical everyday collection now.

Performance-Focused Materials

A man with his water resistant backpack from Boundary Supply
Man with a waterproof Prima System Backpack in the rain.

Our materials make Boundary Supply bags the hardiest, most functional bags on the market. Every bag is made with a purpose, and the materials always reflect the purpose.

Our bags are waterproof, ultra-flexible, recyclable, and breathable! We’re ready for whatever use you have in mind for your laptop backpack.

A man measures the width of his camera gear in his Errant Pack with a measuring tape.

Function-Driven Design

Modular systems give you ultimate functionality and design. Our laptop backpacks are ideal for transporting expensive technology, but that’s not the only thing they can do. With their customization capabilities, you can use our bags for…

  • Travel
  • Work
  • Photography
  • Adventure
  • Everyday life

And so much more!

Our Sustainable Promise

An open Rennen Recycled Daypack by Boundary Supply.
A woman, with a Boundary Supply backpack, sitting on some steps while looking at her phone.

When we started this company, we wanted to make a next-level bag. That includes taking fashion sustainability to the next level with our processes, from the design stage to checkout. We work with bluesign® to ensure that our factories are working as efficiently as possible with ethical conditions for all workers. Go to our Sustainability page to learn more about how we’re working to help the environment.

If you’re interested in our recycled laptop backpacks, see our Rennen Recycled Daypack.

The Errant Sling X-Pac from Boundary Supply

X-Pac Offerings

X-Pac fabric is the perfect combination of lightweight and durable design and is 100% waterproof. Our resilient X-Pac material has three main layers. We built our X-Pac laptop backpacks to survive and thrive on your adventures.

If you want something that will stand the test of time, try an X-Pac backpack now!

Get Your Laptop Backpack from Boundary Supply

Boundary Supply’s laptop backpacks give you the functionality you need without sacrificing sustainability or style. There’s no better way to treat yourself or keep up your motivation than to grab a brand-new, superior bag you can use for years to come. 

Our customers, factory workers, and the environment come first. We work to impact our local community through creativity, innovative designs, and resilient products. Additionally, we execute every aspect of our design, production, and distribution model with the consumer and the environment in mind. 

Get your Boundary Supply laptop backpack today!