All of our modular bags work with each other in a convenient, stylish, and sustainable way.


Man looking at camera with open Boundary Supply modular bag in nature
An individual inserts a small camera item into the Boundary Supply waist pack.

We organize all of our modular bags into modular systems for your convenience. Each modular system has its own unique look and special features, but that doesn’t limit them. You can mix and match as much as you want for your specific situation. Our bags will complement any other Boundary Supply products and make a great addition to the bags you’ve already purchased. 

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Man going up an escalator with luggage and Arris pack
A man slides his phone into a compartment on his Boundary Supply backpack.

For the world traveler, we have the Arris System. With luggage straps, adventure packs, and hemp cubes, these bags are ready to go wherever you go. Sometimes, you need multiple bags to keep your valuables and clothing organized. That’s where we excel.


Woman putting a sweatshirt into a black Errant Pack
Woman sitting on steps putting a laptop into a laptop backpack

Our Errant System is the ultimate, versatile bag with maximum storage. It includes more than 18 modular accessories for your customization.


Man in jeans reaching his hand into a Prima System X-Pac
A man climbs a stairway in a parking garage, with a Boundary Supply backpack.

The Prima System is perfect for your tech and photography needs. We offer several different sizes and shapes to fit everything you need.


Woman putting her phone inside her yellow and gray Rennen X-Pac Crossbody
A woman, with a Boundary Supply backpack, sitting on some steps while looking at her phone.

The Rennen System is about discovering what’s possible with sustainable materials and designs. Make your everyday bags count with these modular bags that fit all your necessities.


A man in a gray-blue shirt and sunglasses wearing his Boundary Supply Sling pack.
A man waits along a sidewalk with a Boundary Supply waterproof duffel strapped over his shoulder.

Our company aims to create sustainable and long-lasting products for you to enjoy. Our customers, employees, and the environment come first every time. We perform every step of our process with exactness to ensure the highest quality in every product while minimizing our corporate footprint.

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Boundary Supply Modular Bags will complete each other and your wardrobe. We combine space, style, and convenience to create the perfect selection for any situation you’ll find yourself in. Get your modular bags today to experience higher fashion and convenience.