The World’s Best Travel Bags

From duffel bags to high-performance waist packs, read on to find the best and most advanced travel bags for rugged outdoor adventures or everyday use.

The Most Advanced Travel Pack: Arris Pack

The Arris Pack represents years of design, real-world travel testing, and innovation. It’s compatible with any mode of travel and combines advanced organization, modular customization, adjustable comfort, and protection.

Features include:


  • Carry-on travel-approved dimensions with overhead storage compatibility
  • A 17” laptop sleeve with magnetic quick-latch
  • Ergonomic top and side handles
  • A gender-neutral fit for maximum comfort
  • Luggage handle pass-through for easy portability
  • Compatible with the Arris Sling, Arris Waist Pack, and Tek Case

When searching for the best travel bags, customizability, comfort, and function should be at the top of your list. The Arris Pack checks all of those boxes. The modular components maximize space with a water-repellent coating to protect your valuables, and the adjustable straps work with the hip belt to disperse weight for a custom fit.


Photographers can also turn the Arris Pack into a lightweight carry-all bag with the MK-1 Camera Cube, Arris Waist Pack, and Camera Kit.


Style: The Arris Pack is a durable bag for active explorers and travelers.

Size: 13W x 22H x 9D”, with a 35-liter capacity

The Best Carry-On Bag: Errant Duffel

Duffel bags are ideal for weekend trips or carry-on bags for flights. The Errant Duffel puts a modular spin on the standard duffel design, making it the most functional carry-on bag you’ll find.

Features include:


  • Side-carry handles with magnetic auto-conceal when not in use
  • Ventilated compartment for shoes or wet clothes
  • Magnetic docking for the HT Key Clip or Port Kitt
  • External storage straps for large items like yoga mats or skateboards

The Errant Duffel can easily switch from a hand-carried duffel to a backpack or over-the-shoulder bag. Our magnetic buckles make it easy to access items or compress the duffel and save space, and the quick-stash external pocket uses an aluminum snap-button for convenient storage.


The Errant Duffel is also water-resistant and easy to clean. It pairs well with the WR Pouch, Port Kitt, and PK-1 Packing Cube for increased modularity and organization. Or, you can turn it into a camera bag with the MK-1 Camera Cube, MK-2 LT Camera Cube, or MK-2 Camera Cube.


Watch the Errant Duffel Walk-through and see the full range of features.


Style: The Errant Duffel has a rugged and durable yet professional look, ideal for gym-goers and active travelers.

Size: 12W x 20H x 9D”, with a 35-liter capacity

The Best Travel Bag for Personal Items: Rennan Recycled Daypack

The Rennan Recycled Daypack brings a new level of sustainability to our technical build, quality, and modular design.

We make our casual daypack from 60% recycled sources, with features that include:


  • A padded main sleeve for safely storing up to a 16” laptop
  • Internal stash pockets for a charger, mouse, or other medium-sized objects
  • A side pocket for a 22 oz. water bottle
  • Magnetic docking for the HT Key Clip
  • An exterior zippered pocket with a magnetic auto-closing flap


The Rennan Daypack works well as a personal bag for on-flight items and day trips. You can also turn the backpack into an easy-carry camera bag with the MK-2 LT Camera Cube, Tek Case, and SR2 Lash Straps.


Watch the Rennan Recycled Daypack Walk-through to see the full range of features.


Style: The Rennan Daypack has a casual style ideal for school or everyday use.


Size: 11W x 18H x 7D”, with a 22-liter capacity

The Best Easy-Carry Bag: Arris Waist Pack

The Arris Waist Pack is a versatile fanny pack-style bag for quick detours. The padded and ventilated back panel allows for all-day comfort, and the interior stretch-mesh pocket keeps your essentials secure.

The Arris Waist Pack can connect to bike handlebars using the bottom lash straps and can double as a discreet camera bag with the Arris Waist Pack Camera Kit.


The Adventure Waist Belt is an easy-carry alternative to the Arris Waist Pack for more rigorous adventures.


Style: The Arris Waist Pack is a more rugged and durable version of the traditional fanny pack.

Size: 11W x 6H x 3D”, with a 4.5-liter capacity

Why Choose Boundary?

At Boundary, our desire to create durable products motivates us. We support initiatives that directly support the environment from which we draw inspiration. We manage every step of our production process with attention to quality and our corporate footprint.


We’re proud to offer the most environmentally responsible and technically detailed travel bags in the world.

Find your new favorite travel bag at Boundary Supply.

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