We understand that every step in the manufacturing process and facet of business has an environmental and human impact, so we pride ourselves as a brand that produces bluesign® certified products; ensuring fair labor practices and safe working conditions throughout our supply chain. 



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The environmental cost of making products is astronomical. A vast amount of resources are consumed in manufacturing fast fashion give rise to a throw-away culture; the cost is immense. Even though we have ironclad standards of production, there is still a cost. We need to slow down and rethink how our fast paced consumption is impacting our envrionment. 


By adopting a bluesign® system we can reduce and limit the environmental impact of the entire textile supply chain by minimizing the amount of harmful substances in our wastewater, and establishing strict CO2 and greenhouse gas emission standards. 


Through our bluesign® certified supply chain we can help shift the traditional textile paradigm by participating in rigorous monitoring and implementation standards that ensure our wastewater is returned to the water cycle as pollutant free, purified water, and that our emissions are captured, filtered and treated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and actively protect our atmosphere and climate.