Man walking with a nurse tote bag
A top view of an open water resistant laptop backpack
The Rennen Tote Bag packed for the gym
A man kneeling on one knee with his Rennen Tote bag from Boundary Supply
Man walking with a nurse tote bag
A close-up view of a gray Rennen Tote Bag

Functionality, durability, and performance. These are the key features nurse accessories need to stand up to the demands of the job. Perhaps the most important in all nurses’ supply arsenals is having a reliable bag to store everything they need for long shifts and commutes. Boundary Supply has designed the ideal nurse tote bag that is stylish, practical, and perfect for men and women alike.

Find out more about what makes this nurse tote bag the must-have accessory for working professionals.

Large Capacity

The exterior pockets of a Rennen nurse tote bag

At 18” wide, 14” tall, and 6” deep, the Rennen Tote Bag boasts an impressive 18-liter carrying capacity. This makes the tote spacious enough to fit car keys, a packed lunch, change of clothes, water bottle, and book to read on break. For those that enjoy stopping by the gym immediately after work, a compact and sealable laundry bag can also easily fit into this nurse tote bag.

Plenty of Organization

A top view of an open water resistant laptop backpack

A common complaint with tote bags is the lack of pockets and interior organization, which can lead to a mess inside. However, we know the importance of organization. That’s why the Rennen also contains plenty of interior pockets so that small items like earbuds don’t get lost in transit. Additionally, we’ve included an expandable water bottle pocket on the outside, so there’s no chance of leaks inside the bag. And for those with fragile laptops, this tote also features a 16” laptop sleeve.

Protection for Your Items

The Rennen Tote Bag packed for the gym

Protecting the items you are carrying is just as critical as being able to easily transport them. Nurses do not have time to worry about breaking or damaging the many items they are carrying while they head to a shift. 

The Rennen tote is built with a padded underside to create an extra layer of protection between the interior and the ground. Additionally, the tote has a zipper at the mouth to prevent valuables from spilling out in case it tips over.

Extra Durability Options

If you’re looking for a nurse tote bag with even more durability and longevity, try the Rennen Tote Bag X-Pac. X-Pac is a triple-layered, waterproof fabric designed with supreme performance in mind. This bag packs all the same great features as the Rennen Tote. It is simply made with stronger, more high-grade fabric for those anticipating a little more wear and tear between shifts. Read more about the benefits of X-Pac material here.

A man kneeling on one knee with his Rennen Tote bag from Boundary Supply

Timeless Style

A grey Rennen Tote Bag X-Pac.

Oftentimes with tote bags, style is sacrificed for functionality. Not with the Rennen tote bags. These totes are simple yet chic, maintaining a timeless, classic design that will last through many seasonal trends. These totes also come in a variety of neutral colors to match any outfit and blend seamlessly into your personal style. These bags are gender-neutral in design, which makes them the perfect bag for men and women.

The Right Nurse Tote Bag for the Job

Woman holding a  tote travel bag on her shoulder

A reliable bag is an essential companion for nurses on the go. Boundary Supply designed the Rennen Tote and the Rennen Tote X-Pac with convenience and practicality in mind. With useful features, a timeless style, and durable material, these nurse tote bags are a fan favorite and sell quickly. Shop for your new favorite bag today.

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