Preorder products are different than in-stock products and have different terms.

Any item marked Preorder indicates we do not have stock currently of that item. We will collect sales for a designated period and take money gained to start a production run of that item. Once the items are produced, we will ship all finished good to our factory to begin to fulfill these orders. We do our best to estimate delivery times to fulfillment, but please note, these dates may fluctuate up to 90 days from the original set delivery date.

Please note, this order is a Preorder, and will ship once ALL items are available to ship direct to you. Boundary will use this money to secure a production time with the factory, thus NO refunds will be allowed on items marked Preorder. Once all items are produced, we will bulk ship to our warehouse, and will begin shipping orders direct to customers.

Please be aware - Due to factory schedules, transit schedules, and internal schedules, Preorder ship timelines can fluctuate 30–90 days from original shipping ETA.

Boundary does all they can to mitigate these risks, and will update customers if any challenges arise to postpone the original ETA.

Shipping to customers late May 2021
Product Color
Aegis Duffel Obsidian Black
Aegis Duffel X-Pac X-Pac Jet Black
Arclite Sling Hymassa Tan
Arclite Sling Slate Blue
Arclite Sling Obsidian Black
Arclite Sling X-Pac X-Pac Jet Black
Aux Compartment Obsidian Black
Errant Pack X-Pac Jet Black
EXM 6L Obsidian Black
EXM 6L Urbane Grey
Fieldspace 2.0 Black
PK-1 Packing Cube Black
Prima System Mojave Tan
Rain Cover Black
WR Pouch Obsidian Black
WR Pouch X-Pac Jet Black
Shipping to customers late August 2021
Product Color
Stasis Sling Black
Stasis Sling Olive
Tek Case Black
Shipping to customers late December 2021
Product Color
Fieldspace 2.0 Black
PK-1 Black
Rain Cover Black
Discontinued Products
  • EDC-1
  • EDC-2
  • Errant Thermal Insert
  • EXT Cargo Belt
  • EXT Gear Sleeve
  • Hemp Cube (small, medium, and large)
  • Port Kitt
  • Prima System 2.0
  • Prima Thermal Insert
  • Prima Waist Belt
  • Transit Case
  • Verge Case Camera Divider
  • XPAC AUX Compartment
  • XPAC Port Kitt
  • XPAC Prima System 2.0