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Francesco Capaccioni

“The outdoors taught me about my inner, deep myself.”

Discover More about Yourself — A Conversation with Francesco Capaccioni

From a small Nikon d3200 gifted by his uncle, Italian photographer Francesco Capaccioni learned the various techniques for shooting. Now with his Sony a7ii and DJI Mavic Pro, Capaccioni shoots to get to know himself better. “Photography gave me colors, shape, and shadow to build up my inner-self. When I discovered it, pretty much by chance, it hit me with all its complexity. Photography became my way to express myself and to speak with other people,” shares Capaccioni. But before he became the photographer that he is today, he shared he was “in a bad time” of his life. “I was bored about my degree and unemployed.” When he got his hands on the d3200, things started to shift. “I have always loved to study new things and I digged myself in that small dslr,” he says. As he continued playing with his camera, he discovered it is so much more than learning how the thing works — “I decided that in order to learn shooting, I had to shoot first.” This is what started him to go out and shoot, from his homeland and expanding to different places.
Capaccioni now works in the healthcare industry and travels as much as he can to explore and photograph the great outdoors as he sees it.“ I use the camera as a third eye with which I found out that, by manipulating the light, shooting with proper settings first, and then experimenting with the colours from the PC, I could show everyone how I see the world: the way it is shaped inside of me. Its shadows. Its lights.” Capaccioni shares how this fulfills him, adding that, “going out, discovering new places, shooting them and my feelings inside the camera - this is the type of photography I am shaped for.” “Throughout my whole life, I've always looked for a way to express myself. I've always felt the urgency to acknowledge myself deeper, better. It's a continuous feeling that I carry every single day,” says Capaccioni about why photography stuck with him. He shares that when he sees his shots, he sees his emotions. He sees exactly how the place that was his subject made him feel. And with each photograph, he aims to inspire. “I want the people who see my photos be pushed toward it. Not to that place but to be pushed to explore the unknown and in this way pushed to know himself,” he shares. “I firmly believe that exploring and pushing ourselves forward is one of the best ways to know us. This is the purpose of my trips and the meaning behind my photography.” But photography is so much more than going out and shooting. Capaccioni shares that in order to find the right shot, you have to “talk with the place.” “You have to understand it. You have to reach it and most of the time, alone,” he noted, further adding that it’s akin to “analyzing it like a scientist.” “Later you understand that you were analyzing yourself all this time. This made me grow a lot.” No doubt, Capaccioni’s photographs do not only take us to the place but—without a fail—they spark emotions and curiosity in us. Encouraging us to go and slowly begin building the kind of life we want. To bask in freedom and passion for creativity. It’s been four years now since Francesco Capaccioni dove deep into the realms of photography. While there were so many things he learned in terms of techniques and manipulating his gear, learning more about himself is the most priceless. “The best part is to be out there and give these places the beauty that they deserve,” he says. “The pictures must talk. The pictures must say, ‘come, find me.’ The best part is to be out there and speak with the places. Find perspective and immerse myself in it,” he further added. Wrapping up, Capaccioni mentioned that folks who have just started taking photos shouldn’t be discouraged with the results when it’s not what they expected. After all, they’re just beginning. He shares how it’s important to continue shooting and never stop, saying “you’ll learn how to shoot. You’ll learn to explore.” Keep up with Francesco's work and his travels [here] ( Words by Tammy

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