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Photo Feature 02

Vincent Grand

"I love to express stories and thoughts of my life in illustrations. Reinterpret them, combine them, tell a new story.” —Vincent Grand

Vincent is from Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and captures his #LandWateRock moments on a Canon 5D Mark 2, and mostly 35mm. His love for his surroundings is what allows him to capture the rare and beautiful moments that stoke the flame's of our own inner desires to commute and travel. In his home town he is part of a boutique collective that allows him the opportunity to "create something with my own hands and my mind and getting a physical result in the end is one of the most satisfying things to me." In his studio he is the creator, but outdoors he just documents what nature created. Through photography Vincent states, "I can bring home a little bit of this magic and inspiration. For me it's all about capturing the moods of nature. When I take pictures in society, I like to document spontaneous or authentic moments of the people around me. Photography is a great way to bring people together with similar passions, hear their stories, and learn from each other.

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