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  • Apex Rewards VIP Program

    VIP program is only eligible on the main website, no points will be collected from the Boundary Rewards website. - Customer must have an account on the website to gain points, and must be set up prior to making your first order. Points will not be earned on past orders - For every $1 spent on the site, the customer will receive 1 Apex point ($100 = 100 apex points, $200 = 200 apex points, etc) - 100 Apex points can be redeemed for a $1 off coupon to be used on a future order (200 apex points = $2 off, 300 points = $3 off, etc) - Customers can add their birthday to the online account, and will receive a free 500 Apex points on that day as a happy birthday gift! - All points are tracked and stored in the customer account profile on the website. Customers can sign into the profile at anytime to check point balance or redeem for discount vouchers. For any issues or questions regarding this program or the above details, please email Customer Service -
  • Do you offer a military or service discount?

    Yes! We offer a 15% discount for members of the US military, law enforcement, and firefighters. If you would like to receive a code, please email with a copy of your service ID. We will generate and share a unique code good for one year as a thanks for your service!

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