At Boundary we build technically innovative and sustainable products designed to last by a passionate team rooted at the base of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Boundary grew from an intention to make highly functioning products through technical innovation, to curb the appetite for consumerism by making resilient goods, and to support initiatives that directly benefit the environments we draw inspiration from. Through function driven design, we create essential products that suit the dynamism of everyday life, be it on or off the trail. 


Boundary is a product brand that pushes the limits of known carry products, apparel, and sales channels. Every aspect of our design, production, and distribution model is executed with the consumer and environment in mind. We’re a fast-moving, dynamic, and experimental team with the drive to make innovative products that are sustainable and forward thinking. Our values are reflected by our commitment to community and stewardship. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, the epicenter of the outdoor industry with unbeatable access to world-class recreation and a booming startup tech hub, we embrace our natural environment and these values - not only as company culture but as a lifestyle. 


The Job


As Boundary’s product developer/designer, you will work closely with our design, marketers, external factory team, and suppliers to bring our products to life. Key characteristics of this role are organization, operational-mindedness, and creativity finding new materials, manufacturing processes, and operational solutions. You will bring new ideas to the table with the confidence to push them to market. 


You will work very closely with Boundary’s co-founder and design director to help form and scale our lean product design team. You will help build a well-oiled team rooted in innovation, company culture, and our brand values. You are able to flourish in both a loose start-up environment and tight-knit team, and you can remain collaborative and motivated by design challenges in a fast-paced business. You are a good communicator and are able to clearly and visually present your work. You are both a self-starter and team motivator. 


This role provides technical guidance and product-user insight and feedback for product design & development, supply chain management, manufacturing, and raw material suppliers. By utilizing engineering fundamentals and previous relevant work experience, you will use both software and hardware for various product testing needs. You will exercise your project management and systems-thinking skills to keep deliverables and product lines on track and on time. 




  • 5+ years of experience working in the product design or development field;
  • Bachelor’s degree in design, engineering, textiles or relative field;
  • Deep understanding of Illustrator and ability to design technical specs; general Photoshop and 3D CAD skills; and good sketching skills are always a plus!
  • Extensive understanding of soft-goods materials and hardware with the ability to source and communicate with suppliers to completion;
  • Knowledge of textile materials from yarn through finished fabrics and testing standards;
  • General sewing capability and the will to jump on a sewing machine to present a functional mock-up;
  • Great time management skills; we have an open work space atmosphere and require you to be responsible to complete your own tasks;
  • Ability to be aggressive when you need to get the job done;
  • 5+ years of factory travel and communication experience and the ability to hold your own when traveling overseas to our factories;
  •  Ability to build and maintain expertise on advancements in textile materials development




  • Work-hard, play-hard office atmosphere
  • Global travel (we have factories in fun places, so besides work you get the opportunity to explore internationally);
  • Health care program
  • Bonus structure
  • Flexible hours
  • Outdoor company perks

To apply, email