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Jason Fitzgibbon

"I have known Jason for a few years and he has shown me some of the best mountain biking trails and breweries in Southern California." —Cavin, CEO Boundary

Jason is a wildlife biologist and is extremely dedicated to preserving our planet’s diminishing resources. His recent photography and short films shot in collaboration with Zangs Films have received hundreds of thousands of views and highlighted issues facing our Nation's most valuable resources. Most recently, his passions have created a vehicle for his environmental conservation ambitions through Tillak. Tillak is a small company making a massive impact by committing 25% of its profits to conservation and restoration efforts.
  • Where do you spend most your time?

    Jason:  I recently made the move from over-populated Southern California to quaint Morro Bay, and I have no desire to go back.
  • What’s your photo set up?

    Jason: I have been shooting with Sony gear for a few years now; from full-frame beasts to pocketable point and shoots. Their stuff is badass.
  • What are your passions?

    Jason: Man, I have many...but I am probably most passionate about the environment; I love learning and sharing what I learn about places, and their plants and animals. In line with that, I am passionate about doing anything that gets me out into the natural environment. I am a mountain biker, fly angler, surfer, climber, backpacker and birder (yes, birder).
  • What catches your eye and inspires your photography?

    Jason: The natural environment - landscapes mostly void of human impact - are my favorite subjects to photograph. I really like to try to convey the beauty, importance, and grandeur of the natural world. I also regularly include a human subject in my photos, doing one of the many outdoor activities I enjoy doing. More often than not I prefer to shoot wide-angle or pulled-back compositions, with massive landscapes and tiny human subjects.
  • You go to a lot of amazing spots around the globe, but where has photography taken you?

    Jason: The many working relationships I've made as a result of photography have taken me all over the mountainous western US, and have incentivized some of my trips across the globe. My camera has allowed me to fly fish for native trout in Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Utah, and to ride bikes, surf, and hike in just as many states and in even more countries. Photography is such an incredibly difficult and competitive career, but it's such fun and rewarding work as well.
  • To make amazing media content around conservation efforts is a dream, how do you do it so well?

    Jason: I am passionate about writing/storytelling - and specifically when it is applied to future, ongoing, or completed conservation efforts. Over the last few years I have developed a great relationship with the talented crew over at Zangs Films and now work with them quite regularly to tell stories (through film) about conservation-related efforts and organizations. Last month we released a film that I co-directed for Tillak and The Native Fish Society (Together Against The Mines - A River Steward Story), that told an inspiring story about Native Fish Society’s grassroots victory over proposed strip mines in a few of southern Oregon/northern California's most pristine and wild watersheds.
  • What projects are coming out in the next few months to keep an eye out for?

    Jason: Zangs Films, Tillak and I have two films we are currently working on that will bring to light the public outreach and education efforts of The Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center, and the trail-building prowess of Eugene, Oregon's Disciples of Dirt - the latter being a film I am incredibly proud to have Boundary's support for!
  • What’s your favorite vice?

    Jason: Iced Mochas. Gotta have one, every damn morning.

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