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Modular Design Philosophy


Mod • u • lar /ˈmäjələr/ employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction

It’s no secret that backpacks are a competitive and popular industry. In a fast-paced society, our needs are constantly changing and evolving. Backpacks of all kinds are being created to better suit people’s needs and lifestyles. Hiking packs, travel bags, photography kits… the list goes on. Sometimes this can lead to overpriced, mass-produced products that wear out easily and require multiple bags to fit our everyday needs.

At Boundary, we strive to create long-lasting, affordable, and sustainable products, without sacrificing the quality. How? Through direct to consumer sales, Bluesign manufacturing, and modular design.

"Designing for a modular ecosystem requires a blend of minimalism ideals with practical functionality. All together creating products for everyone and any situation."

-Brad Meyer, Design Director


Modular design allows our customers to have more options with a single pack, making a bag that better suits your ever-changing needs. This sets us apart from other brands since we offer different types of modularities, creating a customizable product and experience for our users. Our goal is to not restrict the specific use of a bag. Modular design is composed of structured and well-thought-out options, enabling you to use your bag for whatever, whenever, and however, you want.


We start with an entirely new series, building the main pack as our center building block. This serves as the foundation for the product ecosystem. Then, we test out different ideas and modular parts, resulting in a final set of accessories to go with each new series. Modular parts have to be designed to a specific size and adapt to fit with the bag. While this process is complicated and complex, it causes us at Boundary to think outside the box and create meaningful modular accessories. Another key factor to consider, is how will these new modular items fit in and transfer over to our other products? Through trial and error, tests, and various timelines, we’re able to create and transform these products to be versatile, sustainable, and beautiful, integrating year after year.


A modular backpack creates endless adaptability to your daily life through customizable components that can be added to your backpack system. This allows you to quickly adapt your carry to meet any situation through functional organization. These modules or “add ons” seamlessly integrate into a cohesive product ecosystem. Gone are the days of needing multiple backpacks for work, travel & your everyday commute. Now you can take the same pack to work, school, on your next flight, or even your next photoshoot. Simply swap out one module for another and you have a completely repurposed pack. Go from a camera pack to a diaper bag without having to dump your entire backpack out and pack another.


We’ve developed the modular system for one reason and one reason only - to make your life simple. At Boundary, we care about you, so if the modular design takes a little more work, it’s worth it to us. Get ready to simplify your life with a backpack made to last a lifetime. Go here to find your perfect pack today.

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