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Boundary x Bluesign®

Sustainability Commitment
Founded by industry veterans, Boundary is dedicated to holistically approaching the supply chain from fiber creation and on up to the finished product. Our team is the first brand to launch on Kickstarter using the Bluesign® system to manufacture its products because it cuts marketing noise—acting as a voice for the environment and the consumer. Boundary’s ambitious sustainability goals will remove mills or factories not implementing the following: Water Use + Recycling: Water emission control includes the return of purified water into the water cycle and reducing of the aquatic environment impact to a minimum. The Bluesign®system specifies the requirements regarding water pollution control. Taking account of local conditions, the Bluesign® system helps only water re-entering the natural circulation of water that complies its criteria. Sustainable Resource Consumption: textile companies reduce their ecological footprint consisting of energy and material input per kilogram of manufactured textile products. In other words: The Bluesign® system helps optimizing the process efficiency by minimizing both energy and material input. Air Emission + Recycling: The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions within the company’s sphere of influence as well as during the subsequent process steps. Exhaust air has to be cleaned and recycled by adequate environmental technology. This is the essential condition in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to make an active contribution to climate protection. Occupational Health & Safety: When using chemicals during the textile production process, a careful and safe handling with regard to the employees’ health is vital. Therefore, the Bluesign®system makes training programs for employees concerning the storage and handling of harmful substances obligatory. Occupational health and safety also includes the protection against environmental pollution such as dust and noise. Boundary is committed to the Bluesign® system because it helps eliminate harmful substances from the very beginning. Due to its holistic approach the Bluesign® system meets the highest requirements to provide consumers both sustainable/high quality textiles and a clear conscience. Our team’s passion for sustainable innovation coupled with a direct-to-consumer model avoids the unwanted financial and environmental impacts and provides our customers sustainable products at a reasonable cost.

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