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From a mission that pushes the limits, to a desire to empower others, Boundary is proud to support Spy Hop in breaking creative boundaries.

Boundary was founded on the principal to create not only a technical and sustainable product line but also break boundaries in design and consumer value. This ethos of outside-the-box thinking and gravitating toward innovative expression was at the very core of the Salt Lake City-based product design brand’s inception. "Growing up there were many challenges to overcome and various paths that I could have gone down,” recalls co-founder and creative director Brandon Gonsalves. “Finding a creative outlet at the right stage in life gave me hyper focus on my newfound goals of creating products and perfecting a skill. This focus would continue to drive me through life and it has taught me invaluable lessons along the way.” Now, we are giving back to a local non-profit company that empowers young creatives to strive for their dreams and make waves in the world around them. The Boundary team knew we wanted to support a dynamic community organization that was transforming lives using creativity and innovation. That’s what led us to Spy Hop, a creative media center in Salt Lake City that mentors youth to harness the power of digital arts and storytelling to positively impact their lives and surrounding communities. On Giving Tuesday, we gave Spy Hop 55 Prima Systems (amounting to more than $13,000 in value). The hope is to propel Spy Hop’s mentors and students forward in their pursuit of finding their voices—the backpacks literally serve to carry their dreams and catalyze their creative journeys of expression.
“Having the opportunity to support and give something back to developing creatives means a lot to me and the Boundary team. I hope that through this partnership we can support and inspire someone else's focus in life," said Brandon. In addition to the donation of backpacks, Boundary will offer mentorship opportunities for several Spy Hop students to job shadow at our creative design studio in Salt Lake City ."Giving these bags to Spy Hop and their team of aspiring artists aligns with our mission to inspire and promote growth through design, art and creative exploration.” Receiving the unexpected gift from Boundary was a thrill for Spy Hop, explained Larissa Trout, director of marketing and community relations. “I simply love creatives supporting creatives. We ask our students to break boundaries everyday through their learning and their creative projects,” said Larissa. “The alignment between Boundary Supply and Spy Hop is remarkable. I can't wait to see how our students utilize their packs to do good in the world!" For Spy Hop film mentor and independent filmmaker Paige Sparks, community connectedness aligned around creativity is an exciting game changer. "As an avid outdoor enthusiast, filmmaker and teaching artist, I am always looking for the best gear that can keep up with my rugged and busy life,” said Paige. “My camera(s) and gear are extensions of my creative pursuits. They are my tools that allow me to tell the stories of my community and share my passion for filmmaking with my Spy Hop students. Boundary Supply gets it. They understand what creatives need to get the job done." Boundary is enthusiastic about supporting other community organizations that are pushing boundaries of creativity and innovation. Words by Renee Huang

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