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(Words by Emma Whitney) If someone told you they’d nearly gotten trampled by an elephant, witnessed an all out street brawl with wooden bats, and spent hours photographing one of the world’s most endangered whales, you’d probably be thinking it was a hectic dreamland they lived in. For Ian, it was the daily routine in Sri Lanka.  "The next minute this elephant came barreling from a hedge" “One night we were walking back from having food in town and there was a rustle in the woods. The next minute this elephant came barreling from a hedge, ran across the road and plowed through the other side. That’s how wild it is there still.” To imerse himself in the weather, culture,...

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From Sawmills to Singletrack

As part of Boundary's LAND WATER ROCK INITIATIVE we teamed up with the crew at Tillak to tell the story of one of the most iconic mountain biking and trail building groups out there — Disciples of Dirt. Boundary's LAND WATER ROCK INITIATIVE ensures that the proceeds from sales directly benefit the surroundings we all draw inspiration from! #LANDWATERROCK

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