Follow along as Boundary Ambassador and Swiss-based artist; Vincent Grand explores the wild and untamed lands of western Canada. 

“I love the fact that you have the sea, forest and mountains in the same place.”

Upon return from his most recent quest through Canada's Northern Territories; Vincent shares a glimpse into his hitch-hiking and road tripping voyage. 

He woke to and blazing sunrise on a secret beach off Vargas Island: British Columbia. As he scrambled out of his tent, he noticed paw prints of stealthy visitors during the night. A wolf mother and her cub lived nearby and they had been scoping out his tent for hidden food, their tracks littered the beach where he slept.

It was a beautiful moment, as Vincent wasn't afraid of the creatures, wolves are one of his favorite animals. 

He wandered around the lush islands as the suffocating and blinding fog hugged the banks along the Columbia River Gorge. It's extremely hard to find where you're going on the waterways and maze of canal systems in the Revelstoke region. 

The goal was to hike, find solace and escape the tourist ridden areas.

They traveled by boat from Tofino to a cluster of smaller islands surrounding the area. Some locals had told them to cross the island on a "easy" trail and to take their own drinking water, but that quickly turned into an overgrown trail with dense vegetation. Luckily they came upon a small secluded beach to rest for the night.  Getting to this campsite was no easy task, the lush and overgrown forests tore at his clothing and pack as he bushwhacked his way to this rarely visited shoreline. 

Charming Tofino, a Vancouver Island marina-town situated in a secluded and hard to reach region. 

The town is surrounded by bone chilling waters and glacial carved landscapes, only the brave surfers and unique artisans dare to call this place home. 

The ferns covered the ground in fields of green. These were Vincent's favorite plants during his escapades around Canada, they reminded him of the smaller ferns native to Switzerland. 

A solo overnight backpacking trip, led Vincent to this campsite and view of Ptarmigan Lake. He shares some advice to burgeoning photographers about keeping your camera batteries from loosing power: leave them in the bottom of your sleeping bag for added warmth and protection from the elements at night.

Stellers Jay bird perched on a downed tree at Lake Agnes, this is an alpine lake located above the Lake Louise. 

Misty mountains and rain were encompassing Vincent along the west coast of Canada.  His travel necessities include; sketchbooks and his Cannon 5D Mark-4 Camera, for it's compact, light and weather resistance properties.

Spray Lakes and lower Kananaskis Lake, Alberta, Canada. 


Vincent is a graphic designer who focuses mainly on art, music and community re-purposing projects in his home-town of Bienne, Switzerland. 
Follow along his artistic endeavors at @Vincent_is_somewhere via instagram. 


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    Hey Eddy, thank you very much! It was an amazing trip :)

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    My Canada from Toronto but have travelled to alberta, Calgary and Northwest territories .. Nice job…you did..

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