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BLUESIGN® cuts through the marketing noise acting as a voice for the environment and the consumer by examining the supply chain from fiber to finished product. Stringent chemical standards, safe working conditions, and energy from renewable sources ensures consumers acquire a sustainable product. Boundary is committed to preserving the resources that we explore and draw inspiration and will never compromise our core values.

"Our team is dedicated to producing technically innovative and sustainable products that make life more comfortable."- Brandon, Creative Director Boundary

Founded by industry veterans, Boundary is dedicated to holistically approaching the supply chain from fiber creation level and on up to the finished product. Our team’s passion for sustainable innovation coupled with a direct-to-consumer model avoids the unwanted financial and environmental impacts and provides our customers sustainable products at a reasonable cost. We stand behind our products for life and employ a skilled team of sewers, cutters, and designers who can breathe new life into your favorite Boundary products.

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