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We’re excited to announce our World Trip Winner; Hugo Schleicher! Hugo is a photographer and mechanical engineering student living in Norway and Switzerland. We told Hugo he won the #LandWaterRock photo contest a day before he left for a trip to Iceland. Following up a few days later, he was on his way to relax and lounge in crystal blue Icelandic hot springs with a few friends in tow. They rented a van to wander around Iceland’s beautiful islands in search of airy northern lights and photo worthy pit-stops. Hugo loves hiking, biking and studying the mechanics behind airplanes. Even before winning this trip, Hugo planned on taking a gap-year to travel. It seems that winning this contest was meant...

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Follow along as Boundary Ambassador and Swiss-based artist; Vincent Grand explores the wild and untamed lands of western Canada.  “I love the fact that you have the sea, forest and mountains in the same place.” Upon return from his most recent quest through Canada's Northern Territories; Vincent shares a glimpse into his hitch-hiking and road tripping voyage.  He woke to and blazing sunrise on a secret beach off Vargas Island: British Columbia. As he scrambled out of his tent, he noticed paw prints of stealthy visitors during the night. A wolf mother and her cub lived nearby and they had been scoping out his tent for hidden food, their tracks littered the beach where he slept. It was a beautiful moment, as Vincent wasn't afraid of the creatures,...

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Chasing Uncle Paul

At Boundary there’s nothing we understand more than what it takes to create a passion project. Hard work and dedication are a must, but in the case of Bob Plumb’s community based project “Chasing Uncle Paul” it requires something extra: blood, sweat, and tears. It first began to take shape in 2016 as he rediscovered his love for climbing in Utah’s Uinta Mountain Range and through it, reconnected with his Uncle Paul.    Words by Emma Whitney & Bob Plumb:   Paul Moore, along with his friends Shane Willet and Mark Nakada, were pioneers of developing the area in the late 1990’s. Shane discovered the area, known as ‘Stone Garden’ while driving back from a job in Evanston, Wyoming. He saw the...

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(Words by Emma Whitney) If someone told you they’d nearly gotten trampled by an elephant, witnessed an all out street brawl with wooden bats, and spent hours photographing one of the world’s most endangered whales, you’d probably be thinking it was a hectic dreamland they lived in. For Ian, it was the daily routine in Sri Lanka.  "The next minute this elephant came barreling from a hedge" “One night we were walking back from having food in town and there was a rustle in the woods. The next minute this elephant came barreling from a hedge, ran across the road and plowed through the other side. That’s how wild it is there still.” To imerse himself in the weather, culture,...

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