Dear Backers,

As we near Boundary’s one year mark we want to make sure that everyone’s orders have been shipped and to review some of the amazing things that have happened, while providing some insight as to what our team learned along the way. We have accomplished so much together and learned a lot along the way over the past year.

The Power and Passion Within Boundary’s Kickstarter Community  

As we surpassed our funding goal and witnessed our beloved Prima Systems coming off the production line, we couldn’t wait to get these beautiful packs in the hands of our community, to witness the quality and attention to detail. With growing sales and an expanding community, our factory could not make Prima Systems fast enough. Luckily with your patience and feedback our team turned things around and shipped out over 10,000 units to over 85 countries in less than a year’s time.  

Fast forward to present day; Boundary now has a full customer service team and four fulfillment centers worldwide to deliver products cheaper and faster than our competitors. Your help and constant feedback helped our team grow into what it is today: a worldwide direct-to-consumer brand, built by a community and crew hell-bent on doing something unique and different.

Choosing The Right Partners  

Starting a crowd funding campaign is terrifying and amazing. When Boundary first began to ship products, we did not place heavy importance on the capabilities of the fulfillment service. From December to April, we worked tirelessly to learn what makes a world class fulfillment center. To date, Boundary has some of the best fulfillment centers in the world, but we endured some serious growing pains.  

What we learned, whether marketing, fulfillment, or collaborative projects, is to always perform due diligence and make sure partners have your true interests at heart along with a customer service staff for support when problems arise. Additionally, when problems arise, don’t panic and inform your community ASAP so everyone can share the ups and downs of the campaign.

World-Class Customer Service and Order Fulfillment

Once we hit the launch button on our campaign our wildest dreams came to fruition and very quickly found ourselves in the midst of a rapidly growing company ran by 3 gear junkies, not customer service experts. As products left the factory on time and backers began to experience delays at fulfillment centers, many grew frustrated with: the lack of communication, missed deadlines, and long response times. Many of you kept the faith and that will always mean a lot to our team!

Now, our in-house customer service team is three strong and constantly working with our fulfillment centers and factories to provide you with the most up to date information. During the month of June, we will launch our new Shopify site launches, giving us the ability to send up to date information about your order via email and text message. Our fulfillment centers in the USA, Europe, and Asia can now ship to a majority of countries with 2-3-day delivery.

We are proud to say that our customer service and fulfillment team is a product of the Kickstarter community and we hope that if you have had a bad experience, you will give us another shot at earning back your trust. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you feel there is something Boundary’s team could be doing better, or if you feel there is a wrong that still needs to be righted.

It truly is your support that has led to Boundary getting Kickstartered. We hope that you take a minute to answer these questions below to help us prepare for our next Kickstarter…that might be launching in the next 4-5 weeks….ssshh don’t tell anyone!