$525,000 In 4 Weeks

We are down to the final weeks of our campaign and what a ride it has been. We're currently ready to give our bluesign textile mills and factories the green light to begin production of The PRIMA SYSTEM. After our last stretch goal ,100's of backers voiced their opinions and there's been overwhelming support for a rainfly. We have designed a waterproof rainfly that packs into a self contained pocket. If you have comments or suggestions, reach out on our comments section.

Please share The Prima System with your friends, family, and colleagues — we are 70% of the way to our next stretch goal. We need the full support of Boundary's Kickstarter community! Thank you for your continued support and we are excited to get these packs into your hands. 

In the next few days we are going to post an update on our Merino Wool Shirt. There is limited information in the Kickstarter Page and the next update will clarify some of the questions that we have received. In the meantime check out the update on Wool vs Cotton. Hit the contact button and get to know our small team!

Cavin Nicholson